Siftwell combines the power of AI with managed care expertise, turning insights into

Lower Cost

Targeted Engagement

Optimized Spend

Healthier Lives


Lower costs & a higher level of care don’t have to be mutually exclusive.

It’s well known that the most significant drivers of poor health are found upstream. Armed with decades of experience, and with the help of AI, Siftwell identifies members who are at risk for developing chronic health conditions well before they require costly medical treatment.

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Siftwell uses explainable AI to provide actionable insights into why individual members are at increased risk for developing a particular condition. By pinpointing the who and the why, health plans can intervene earlier and with more precision.

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“Siftwell’s innovative, AI-driven model is giving our team unprecedented visibility into which of our members are most likely to encounter high claim costs – providing us with the insights to proactively engage those members and leverage tailored, data-driven strategies. This will become a core component of our population health initiatives.”

Richard Miltenberger

CEO at Mountain Health CO-OP

“Siftwell’s AI-powered emerging costs model allows Managed Care Organizations to proactively identify members with undiagnosed and costly conditions, so plans can engage them earlier and more effectively to improve outcomes and avoid unnecessary costs. The efficiency and reliability of the insights they provide will transform the way plans support and deliver on the needs of their members – and improve plans’ financial performance.”

Dr. John A. Johnson MD, MBA, FACP

Chief Medical Officer at GEHA

“Siftwell’s cutting edge AI capabilities and their ability to address our specific analytical needs has equipped our teams with predictive models and actionable insights that we are able to successfully apply within our organization. They are a valued and trusted partner.”

Darrel Stone 

VP of Information Technology & Business Intelligence at
Mountain Health CO-OP