Andy Chan

Head of Product

Andy Chan is the Head of Product at Siftwell Analytics, focused on the strategic vision and execution of the company’s technology solutions. Andy is a tech entrepreneur by trade and was most recently the VP of Product at Oncohealth where he led the development of a new digital health oncology platform, Iris, from inception to market launch. Iris has since found early product market fit having grown the patient population by 10X and improved clinical engagement by 5X during his time. He has led and launched multiple product lines at the world’s fastest growing digital MSK (musculoskeletal) company, Sword Health that aims to free 2 billion people from pain. Previously, Andy was the CEO and Co-Founder of VIT (Vigilant Technologies), a prevention platform to reduce MSK-related injuries at work (acquired by Sword Health 21′) that worked with self-insured employers and workers compensation firms. During his time at his startup to Oncohealth, he has built multiple products and services in digital health going from 0 to 1, from inception to $1M ARR+ and then helping scale pre-existing services from $10M to $100M+ in ARR.

In his free time, Andy an avid athlete having played collegiate football at Carnegie Mellon as a safety and linebacker but now is primarily a tennis player and a terrible golfer. Andy also enjoys making music in his spare time as well as contributing back to the startup ecosystem via community building events, mentoring/coaching, and more. Andy studied electrical and computer engineering at Carnegie Mellon University specializing in applied physics before leaving undergrad to work on his startup, VIT, full-time. Andy lives with his wife and 2 fur babies.