Madi Ballou

Director of Marketing

Madi Ballou serves as the Director of Marketing for Siftwell Analytics.

Madi brings over 7+ years of digital marketing experience focused on the healthcare industry. Prior to her role here at Siftwell, she led marketing strategies at several US-based mental health technology companies such as Cerebral and Wysa, focused on improving access to affordable mental healthcare through enterprise employer partnerships.

Madi has led the development of positioning and messaging strategies, created a US demand and lead generation strategy that was adopted globally by the broader international team to increase broader awareness and demand for the company solution. She has extensive experience implementing results-driven, multi-channel marketing campaigns. Prior to Siftwell, her US-based lead generation strategy led to 40% pipeline growth.

Last year, she founded a full-service B2B digital marketing agency, created to forge a unified marketing engine that integrates marketing expertise and resources with in-house tech teams to be the catalyst for success.

Outside of work, she enjoys traveling often and can be found camping with her dogs somewhere in the mountains or trying out a new restaurant around town.